Filmmaker Fights Stigma Around Bipolar Disorder

I’m a filmmaker working to help fight the stigma around bipolar disorder but could really use some help getting the word out about my project. I’m producing a fully independent feature film in Dallas, Texas about a man struggling with a recent divorce, limited visitation to his young son, an exciting promotion at work and his own bipolar disorder. My intent is to raise awareness of the realities of bipolar disorder—the good and bad—in hopes of helping those without it to better understand their loved ones affected by it and to reach those that suffer to identify with the character and know they’re not alone.

Being fully independent, I don’t have access to funding like studio films do. I’ve started a fundraiser through my site, and through my limited reach of friends, family, and Facebook strangers, I’ve managed to raise just over $2,000. I’ve created a teaser-trailer introducing the main character and his mindset. I have storyboards, a locked script, a business plan, actors and crew members ready to go, but what I don’t have is a lot of reach—and money.

Please take a look at my project details and teaser for DONOVAN at

If you think the story has merit and is something your audience would find worthy, would you please do whatever you can to spread the word and help people get to the site. And if you can spare a few bucks, please consider a donation to the fundraiser. The more awareness I get around this project, the better the chances I have at making this film a reality to reach those that need it.

Thank you for your time and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly at my website or comment here.

Jason Bee
Brilliant Mania Films

* This is the email I’ve sent to multiple mental health associations and news media. If you can think of anyone that may be able to help spread the word below, please direct them to this page. Thanks!

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