Say What? Nothing? Huh?

Whose dumb idea was it for me to run a blog?

Somehow I think it was mine.

That was stupid.

Fortunately, when there are long gaps of time in between my posts, it means I’m working too hard to post anything to the blog. And it’s true…I’ve been busting ass on storyboards, setting up next steps to shoot some dream sequences, meeting and networking with new people, talking to musicians about potentially licensing music for the film…work work work…it’s all been good, but I don’t really have anything to share here. Sorry.

Also fortunately, no one seems to really be reading any of this, so I can probably sleep easy knowing no one else is losing any sleep when I don’t say anything. hahaha….

I did post some of the storyboards on the behind the scenes blog just now. They look great. Things are coming together and more exciting news on the horizon.

Here’s a tiny glimpse of one of the boards. If you want to share the behind the scenes journey with us, go here.

Things are getting exciting!

Remember, anyone that donates at least one dollar gets access to the Behind the Scenes blog with up-to-date details on the making of this movie through the whole damn thing!

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