A Culmination of Small Successes Will Lead to One Colossal Win (or so that’s the gameplan)

Yesterday was really cool.

First, an article came out in The Wylie News (local newspaper) that featured a lovely and generously large article about DONOVAN. It was a really nice, “local boy trying to do the near impossible..make a movie,” kind of article. Great for some exposure and also gave a shout-out to the fundraising efforts. I was thrilled about it…great first step in spreading the word on a larger scale than I’m able to do alone through Facebook and Twitter to my friends and family that might be sick of hearing about it by now.

Second, I got an email from Justin Currie wishing me luck on the project. I had sent him a message telling him that I’m a huge fan and simply wanted to show him my work. For those that don’t know, Justin is the lead singer for Del Amitri. Del Amitri is literally one of my top all-time favorite bands. The entire catalog is simply brilliant, though their biggest hit, “Roll to Me,” is my least favorite. “Here and Now” is a good starter (or reminder).*

I suppose "getting some pussy" means something different in Glasgow.

Justin Currie with someone’s kittie.
Credit: Festivals For All

Him seeing the teaser really doesn’t do anything in terms of spreading the word, or moving anything forward, but it’s  just WAY fucking cool to know that Justin Currie has seen my work and took the time to type out a quick reply. Totally made my already great day even better.

Thank you Wylie News. Thank you Justin Currie. And completely unrelated to this, thank you police officer for pulling over the FedEx truck that was speeding literally 200 yards from my house, because I was able to get home in time to receive my shipment of wine from the same driver just now.



* Justin Currie also has some recent solo material that you should seriously check out and buy and listen to…multiple times.

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