Even Rocky Didn’t Win the First Fight

That’s why they made the sequel. Well…not the entire reason, but one to suffice this analogy.

Enter DONOVAN The Fundraising Campaign Part II: Apollo’s Creed (and by “Apollo” I mean “My”; and by “Creed” I mean “faith in this film.”)

What….come on, that was pure genius!

In my last post, I commented on some things I learned over the 30 day campaign I ran through Kickstarter. The campaign failed..it tanked pretty bad, but it also changed my perspective in how to get this done a little differently. So, I’ve restarted the campaign at brilliantmaniafilms.com/donovan for anyone interested in going round 2 with me. This time, instead of trying to fund the entire project, I’m shooting for pre-production costs. This will allow me to get things done and ready to go when the proverbial trigger is pulled. It will also help me get a well-rounded and executed package put together for business investors to look at, to know I’m serious about seeing this through and hopefully help them decide to help me make this movie.

The bell has rung, my mouthpiece is in, I’m in this for a full 15 if needed (I realize that’s old-school, but I’m willing to do that too) – who’s with me?

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