Official concept poster to DONOVAN

Official concept poster to DONOVAN

The metamorphosis of bipolar disorder.

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The Problem w/ Comparitive Numbers in an Indie Biz Plan

The Problem w/ Comparitive Numbers in an Indie Biz Plan

Another example of a mine-field you have to navigate when trying to put together a business plan for an independent film.

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Filmmaker Fights Stigma Around Bipolar Disorder

I’m a filmmaker working to help fight the stigma around bipolar disorder but could really use some help getting the word out about my project. I’m producing a fully independent feature film in Dallas, Texas about a man struggling with a recent divorce, limited visitation to his young son, an exciting promotion at work and his own bipolar disorder. My intent is to raise awareness of the realities of bipolar disorder—the good and bad—in hopes of helping those without it to better understand their loved ones affected by it and to reach those that suffer to identify with the character and know they’re not alone.

Being fully independent, I don’t have access to funding like studio films do. I’ve started a fundraiser through my site, and through my limited reach of friends, family, and Facebook strangers, I’ve managed to raise just over $2,000. I’ve created a teaser-trailer introducing the main character and his mindset. I have storyboards, a locked script, a business plan, actors and crew members ready to go, but what I don’t have is a lot of reach—and money.

Please take a look at my project details and teaser for DONOVAN at

If you think the story has merit and is something your audience would find worthy, would you please do whatever you can to spread the word and help people get to the site. And if you can spare a few bucks, please consider a donation to the fundraiser. The more awareness I get around this project, the better the chances I have at making this film a reality to reach those that need it.

Thank you for your time and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly at my website or comment here.

Jason Bee
Brilliant Mania Films

* This is the email I’ve sent to multiple mental health associations and news media. If you can think of anyone that may be able to help spread the word below, please direct them to this page. Thanks!

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I want this camera
Carry on.

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Say What? Nothing? Huh?

Whose dumb idea was it for me to run a blog?

Somehow I think it was mine.

That was stupid.

Fortunately, when there are long gaps of time in between my posts, it means I’m working too hard to post anything to the blog. And it’s true…I’ve been busting ass on storyboards, setting up next steps to shoot some dream sequences, meeting and networking with new people, talking to musicians about potentially licensing music for the film…work work work…it’s all been good, but I don’t really have anything to share here. Sorry.

Also fortunately, no one seems to really be reading any of this, so I can probably sleep easy knowing no one else is losing any sleep when I don’t say anything. hahaha….

I did post some of the storyboards on the behind the scenes blog just now. They look great. Things are coming together and more exciting news on the horizon.

Here’s a tiny glimpse of one of the boards. If you want to share the behind the scenes journey with us, go here.

Things are getting exciting!

Remember, anyone that donates at least one dollar gets access to the Behind the Scenes blog with up-to-date details on the making of this movie through the whole damn thing!

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Add Another to the Small Success Column

Yesterday was a really good day. Mark Moore came over and we spent 6 hours going through the script and some sequences for storyboarding. This meeting was especially important to me and this project as a whole and I discuss the reasons why in the “behind the scenes” blog of DONOVAN. If you don’t have access to the blog and would like to come along on this journey with us, you just need to go to this page and donate a buck or few.

Yes, this is a shameless plug blog.

Oh, when the storyboards are done, I’ll be sharing some of those over the ‘behind the scenes’ blog as well. Really looking forward to it, can’t wait to see them!

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A Culmination of Small Successes Will Lead to One Colossal Win (or so that’s the gameplan)

Yesterday was really cool.

First, an article came out in The Wylie News (local newspaper) that featured a lovely and generously large article about DONOVAN. It was a really nice, “local boy trying to do the near impossible..make a movie,” kind of article. Great for some exposure and also gave a shout-out to the fundraising efforts. I was thrilled about it…great first step in spreading the word on a larger scale than I’m able to do alone through Facebook and Twitter to my friends and family that might be sick of hearing about it by now.

Second, I got an email from Justin Currie wishing me luck on the project. I had sent him a message telling him that I’m a huge fan and simply wanted to show him my work. For those that don’t know, Justin is the lead singer for Del Amitri. Del Amitri is literally one of my top all-time favorite bands. The entire catalog is simply brilliant, though their biggest hit, “Roll to Me,” is my least favorite. “Here and Now” is a good starter (or reminder).*

I suppose "getting some pussy" means something different in Glasgow.

Justin Currie with someone’s kittie.
Credit: Festivals For All

Him seeing the teaser really doesn’t do anything in terms of spreading the word, or moving anything forward, but it’s  just WAY fucking cool to know that Justin Currie has seen my work and took the time to type out a quick reply. Totally made my already great day even better.

Thank you Wylie News. Thank you Justin Currie. And completely unrelated to this, thank you police officer for pulling over the FedEx truck that was speeding literally 200 yards from my house, because I was able to get home in time to receive my shipment of wine from the same driver just now.



* Justin Currie also has some recent solo material that you should seriously check out and buy and listen to…multiple times.

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Even Rocky Didn’t Win the First Fight

That’s why they made the sequel. Well…not the entire reason, but one to suffice this analogy.

Enter DONOVAN The Fundraising Campaign Part II: Apollo’s Creed (and by “Apollo” I mean “My”; and by “Creed” I mean “faith in this film.”)

What….come on, that was pure genius!

In my last post, I commented on some things I learned over the 30 day campaign I ran through Kickstarter. The campaign tanked pretty bad, but it also changed my perspective in how to get this done a little differently. So, I’ve restarted the campaign at for anyone interested in going round 2 with me. This time, instead of trying to fund the entire project, I’m shooting for pre-production costs. This will allow me to get things done and ready to go when the proverbial trigger is pulled. It will also help me get a well-rounded and executed package put together for business investors to look at, to know I’m serious about seeing this through and hopefully help them decide to help me make this movie.

The bell has rung, my mouthpiece is in, I’m in this for a full 15 if needed (I realize that’s old-school, but I’m willing to do that too) – who’s with me?

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This Campaign Will Self-Destruct in 3 Days

For my first post, I’m not going to do the typical, “well here I am,” kind of thing. I’m not even starting with a message of supreme happiness. I’m just going to be real.

Almost 30 days ago, I started a Kickstarter campaign for my feature film DONOVAN. It was ambitious for the level of reach I have right now at $80,000 to fund the entire film. If you know anything about film financing and budgets, that’s actually dirt cheap by film standards, but “oh my god, you want how much???” by any individual that I know of. Right now, I’m just over $2,500, and I’m incredibly thankful to the people that took the time to pledge that much to my project. Unfortunately, it’s barely a fraction of what my goal was.

My ego might be bruised if it wasn’t so laughable.

My ego might also be bruised if I were one to quit so easily. Fortunately, I’m not deterred by this colossal failure. Instead, once it’s completely dead, I’m moving the fundraising efforts to the Brilliant Mania Films website and running the donations through Paypal. I’ve also put together a business proposal for interested investors. I think “having a back-up plan” also helps in keeping the ego out of the way of a baseball bat.

I did learn a few things though through this first go-round with Kickstarter. For the next fundraising effort, I need to keep in mind:

  1. Make the window of opportunity longer than 30 days.
  2. Don’t try to fund the entire movie through fundraising. There are a lot of success stories on Kickstarter with some high-dollar fundage. They know something I don’t know.
  3. Mention there will be a naked chick in the film at some point. Mention this early. Preferably within the first paragraph. Hell, title the entire campaign, “There will be a naked chick.”

That about does it. Now I need to go prep for an interview with a local newspaper. I should probably brush up on etiquette and political correctness. But first, whiskey.

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